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We Are a Landline Phone Service Provider in Denver & Las Vegas

VoIP Telephone Service & Phones Las Vegas & Denver

Phone Service USA’s innovative solutions have redefined the way small businesses communicate. By providing Fortune 500 class functionality at Small Business budgets, Phone Service USA has enabled VoIP systems for small business to not only compete, but also thrive! . Phones and service can be installed in a few hours not days.

Small Business Phone Systems Las Vegas & Denver

Our automated system can give your small business the same great phone service as a fortune 500 company at a fraction of the cost. We are here to help your digital phone network grow with your company. From one employee to 500 employees, your company VoIP service can allow endless capacity to build strong communication channels and develop better sales strategies. Our Las Vegas & Denver IT professionals will be there 24/7 to help manage all your digital communication needs. With our exceptional customer service and professional installation process, we will give you the peace of mind to operate your business worry-free.

Call Recording

With our unique fully digital phone system and digital storage hubs, each and every phone call is recorded and stored for 60 days. All recordings can be accessed remotely helping your business to ensure absolute integrity, all while keeping 100% accurate data collection

Why Choose Us?

Phone Service USA is the national leader in Voice Over IP (VoIP) Digital Communication Systems. We have provided several Fortune 500 businesses with complete and competent professional service. At Denver Phone Company, we consider reliability our greatest strength. We understand that avoiding interruptions to your company’s communication system is a top priority. Our professional staff for Denver and Las Vegas business phone services are available 24/7 to ensure that your network maintains constant reliability.

Phone Service for Small Business in Las Vegas & Denver

With Phone Service USA’s Small Business Bundle your company will receive some of the industry’s most valuable features including: – Free Mobile App to access your network anywhere from your smartphone device or laptop. – Music and Advertisement playback while placing callers on hold. – Multi-Menu Phone Automation that lets your business allocate callers to the proper destination. – Customized Incoming Call Distribution can allow incoming calls to be distributed either to groups of phones or alternating individual phones for sales distribution among the sales team. – Seasonal Greetings – Free Phones and Headsets – And Much More!! Let Phone Service USA customize your company’s personal bundle of features and help guide your business through our Hosted VoIP Solution.

We are a Premier VoIP Phone Service Company.

Our network reliability has been at the heart of our business from the first client to the last. Phone Service USA has become a leader in Premier VoIP digital phone networks and is one of the most respected service providers with over 100 satisfied clients. We continue to grow businesses with our helpful customer service and Premier VoIP service in Las Vegas & Denver..

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Free phones with unlimited long distance and all the features.

  • NO EXTRA CHARGE for Auto Attendants & call groups like the other guys!
  • Plus we do all your recordings, programming, and set up for FREE.
  • We even Personalize Your Company’s Holiday Greetings.

Best Business Hosted VoIP Providers

Business communication is far more than receiving inbound calls. Our digital system includes several tools to help your company’s daily activity run smoothly and reliably. Digital recording phone calls allows any/all employees to access important archived information anywhere from a smart device or laptop. Plus, Phone Service USA’s digital landline phone service gives reliable solutions for all of your phone requirements under one roof. We are not only your hosted VoIP provider; we are also a partner to keep your business running smoothly without any interruptions. With us, you can enjoy the liberty of moving direct extensions to new locations with a few clicks of your mouse. Our VoIP system for small businesses is designed to help business owners keep their businesses up and running at an affordable cost. We aim to make your business more profitable and make certain you enjoy all of the advanced features of our VoIP system. We also give you personalized service on your VoIP Phone system’s automated answering service and provide reliable technical support every step of the way. With better cost and more free features, Phone Service USA outperforms all our competitors. If you are looking for the best business VoIP system in Las Vegas & Denver, feel free to contact us to discuss how to upgrade your company’s telecommunications with an autonomous digital VoIP system. Our trained, professional programmers and installers are ready to customize your digital VoIP system to your company’s exact needs!

VoIP Service Providers

Welcome to Phone Service USA! We are proud to be one of the foremost VoIP Providers in Denver and Las Vegas, offering the Best VoIP to both small and large businesses.

Our business VoIP phone service is designed to provide you with crystal-clear call quality, advanced features, and cost savings not available with conventional phone services. So if you looking for Business VoIP Phone Service, look no further.  We offer a variety of business VoIP plans that can be tailored to satisfy the unique requirements of your company, regardless of its size.


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