Best Small Business Phone System

Are you looking for a reliable business phone system for your brand? Well, here at Phone Service USA we have various phones that may suit your business needs. We offer you an upgraded internet-based phone system to help you grow and develop your brand. You'll be confident in purchasing one of our systems because we have a track record of providing exemplary services to clients. Get in touch and see how you can have one of these business phones.


Need a reliable business phone for your company? Think of buying the T54W with its variety of features.
• Color display and supports Gigabit Ethernet
• EHS headset and USB
• Can connect to multiple devices
• Programmable keys allow the IP Phone to support vast productivity-enhancing features
• IP Phone features a 4.3-inch color LCD screen you can adjust for your viewing pleasure
• Has great audio quality with the latest version of YEALINK Optimal HD voice technology
• YEALINK Acoustic Shield technology helps to eliminate background distractions and noise while delivering a crystal clear voice
• It comes with a HAC handset to provide a clearer voice register to help those with hearing loss
It'll give you more versatility to see and hear your clients. It's perfect if you may be hearing-impaired, which could put a damper on your situation

Yealink T46S

This one is a bit more interactive for the business person that likes to have a face-to-face conversation.
• Features a 4.3-inch color TFT display
• 10 line keys with Bluetooth support
• Has 27 various features
• Gigabit Ethernet
• Mounts to the wall
• Supports Bluetooth earphones with an optional adapter
The interaction is solid as you have a more personal connection to your team members and clients globally.

Yealink T48S

Here's another phone with a great design to help you excel in your business.
• Has a flexible IP communications solution
• Delivers Optima HD voice quality
• Has 29 one-touch DSS keys
• 7" Color Touch Screen
• Gigabit Ethernet
• Wall-mounted with a Bluetooth earphone and optional Bluetooth adapter
It's the perfect phone for having flexibility in your office or living room where you can multi-task and still keep up with your employees

Yealink W60B

Here's a great solution that combines different elements with this cordless phone system and handset. You'll have a wireless communication system with a more office-like appearance.
• Intercom
• Transfer
• Call forward
• 3-way conferencing
• Supports eight cordless handsets with 30 hours of talk time
• The 2.4" color display features an intuitive user interface and energy-saving ECO features
• It comes with a 3.5mm headset jack
If you need a long conference with your group of workers, you can have more flexibility throughout the day.

Yealink W56H

It's more of a traditional cordless handset and handset charger. Use the DECT handset and charger in conjunction with the Yealink W56P or Yealink W60B.
• It has a 2.4" color display with a user interface and power-saving features
• It features a 3.5mm headset jack
• Combines wireless communications with business features usually made for desktop phones
The setup is solid for a simple business office setting to help you with your calls to clients.

Yealink EXP50

Check out this expansion model with a host of features to make things convenient for you to speak with clientele and your staff.
• Enjoy a 4.3-inch color screen LCD for a better visual experience
• Look at the simple user interface and advanced call handling capabilities
• Get three pages of 20 flexible buttons to access 60 features
• Speed dial
• Call forward
• Call transfer
• Call Park
• Call Pickup
What makes this a great phone system is that receptionists, administrative assistants, and contact center workers can monitor contacts. When you start building your brand, you won't have to worry about managing your clients. It's a reliable device to help you manage a large volume of calls.

Yealink EXP40

Check out this other expansion model with features that are a little bit more simplistic. It has two pages of 20 flexible buttons you can program.
• Speed dialing
• Park
• Pickup

When you want great audio, it's imperative to have a business phone to help you stay connected with your team members and your clients. Having a business phone can help you bridge things together whether you're at home or on the road. The various features allow you to set up a teleconference with your top staff members and your client. Additionally, you can forward your calls to your mobile device if you're out and about.

Let Phone Systems USA help you reach your small business goals.

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