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VoIP Telephone Services For Businesses

Phone Services USA offers VoIP telephone services to businesses in all of the United States and Canada. We have the reputation for being the best available business VoIP phone service and the best customer service. Here are some reasons why you need some phone services for your business.

Why do Small Businesses Need a VoIP Phone System?

Moving your business phone system to the cloud is a straightforward process. A Phone Service USA technician ensures a fast setup and smooth transition to incorporate this technology for your office locations and remote workers.

We are one of the best VoIP Phone System providers in the USA and will always give you free phones. Not to mention, we don’t charge for auto attendants and hunt groups. We offer the best VoIP telephone service to small business owners. From recordings, programming, and even holiday greetings, you’re in good hands.

Free Phones with unlimited long distance and all the features.

  • Our monthly price INCLUDES FREE PHONES (desk or cordless) and NO Contracts!
  • NO EXTRA CHARGE for Auto Attendants & call groups like the other guys!
  • We do free professional sounding recordings too.
  • Best IP phone system for small businesses.

Best IP Phone System for Small Business


Our easy user interface makes small businesses want to use our services. We offer the following:
  • We help you manage your entire phone system from your desktop computer
  • We make it easy to add and change users
  • Assign phones for incoming numbers
  • Manage extensions and groups at any time globally
  • Auto attendants
  • Ring a desk phone and cell phone simultaneously

Furthermore, we fully integrate employee mobile devices into the business phone system. Our Phone Service USA mobile app can enable your employees to make business calls and check business voicemail more professionally by using a business number. Not only does this help your staff keep their business identity, but it’s also a better look altogether. Even when an employee reaches out to clients on their mobile devices, they’ll see your office number.


We not only provide an affordable rate, but we offer some freebies in your phone service package. We have two models: we can charge per phone with free phones or by phone line for large businesses. We provide a free smartphone app and inexpensive faxing using your email or existing fax machine regardless of the model.

Get free auto attendants, unlimited long-distance calling, and inexpensive international calls no matter how many lines you get for your phone service. If you need VoIP phones for your small business, contact us via chat, phone, or email.


VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a system where audio calls transfer through the internet rather than a traditional landline. While it functions as a normal phone system, your calls are being transmitted through your internet service. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can send and receive calls. It’s a popular phone system because it provides businesses with software and hardware at affordable rates.
Phone Service USA was awarded the Best VoIP service in 2019 and 2020. Our customer service is unlike any other service provider. Phone Service USA has a fixed, affordable charge per month or by the line for larger companies. We include a free mobile app for all our clients. The app allows you to make calls from a smartphone as well as a free phone.
If you are looking for the best VoIP service for small business, look no further than Phone Service USA. We provide premium quality VoIP Phone service at affordable prices. Whether you need phone service for a few employees or 500, Phone Service USA is capable of installing free phones and VoIP service in a matter of a few hours. Irrespective of the number of the lines that our customers may buy, we provide free Auto attendants, unlimited long distance calls and a Mobile app for inexpensive prices.

VoIP is a phone that has the capability of transmitting voice calls through the internet instead of public phone service. IP phones change and break the audio from a call into data packets made of bytes. The bytes reassemble and change back to audio or their initial data type at the receiver end. The data travels over either an enterprise LAN or the internet. When you have reliable and high-speed internet service, IP Phones work optimally.

There’s a significant difference between the two. VoIP transmits voice calls through the internet. Audio is the primary focus. IP uses data outside of audio. Most businesses want a complete VoIP experience. With IP telephony, you can transmit data through fax, video, and even text messages.