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Make Your Communication Easy With The Help Of Voip Telephone Service

In today’s world, we keep updating our apps, phones, and laptops quite frequently. Now it’s time to update and upgrade our phone calls. Voice over IP or VoIP. It’s not a new technology that has just been discovered, however we are now realizing how awesome it is!

VoIP’s roots date back to the 1960s where it was used for communication by the U.S. Military and the department of defense. If the U.S military was using it, there must be something good about it, right?

Phone Service USA, is one of the best providers of VoIP all across the USA and most of Canada. They started this company with one mission in mind- to provide all your telephone needs with low prices and extraordinary service.


Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that enables you to place a voice call using the internet. It is the best alternative to make your communication easy and very cheap. You can register and connect with multiple devices.

It’s the best way to use your already existing data plan and use it for voice calls. Enjoy all this while your data is getting stored on a cloud!


Most VoIP companies will charge you by the phone, Phone Service USA is different. They charge only $19.99 per month for every phone that you take with FREE phones. If you have a larger business, they will charge by the line.

Either way, you will always get free auto-attendants, unlimited long-distance calling, and inexpensive international calling. Try it for yourself and save up to 70% on your monthly bills.


VoIP phones let you manage your entire phone system from your desktop. Adding and changing users, assigning phones, managing extensions, and groups is made simpler. They can be done anytime and from anywhere in the world.

You also get auto-attendants and can ring a desk phone & a cell phone simultaneously.

With the integrated system and the mobile app, you no more have to keep two separate phones for your business and personal use. Using the Phone Service USA mobile app, you can check business voicemail and make business calls using your personal phone. However, your clients will see your office number when you call them.


Phone Service USA has a lot of options to select from. Compare and choose the right VoIP phone for your business. The team at Phone service USA will help you find the perfect phone for your work which will help your business flourish. They have a proven track record of providing exemplary services to all their clients over several years. The various phone models are-

  • Yealink T29G

One of the best phones for a small business.  It is packed with amazing features including a color display, Gigabit Ethernet, supports a variety of device connections like EHS headset and USB. It also comes with programmable keys which enhances its productivity.

  • Yealink T46S

This special phone will allow you to make HD voice calls and comes with a 4.3″ color TFT display. It has features including 10 line keys and also comes with Bluetooth support. It provides you with a 3-page view and Gigabit Ethernet. It can be wall-mounted or used with a Bluetooth earphone with an optional BT40 Bluetooth adapter.

  • Yealink T48S

The Yealink T48S comes with a brilliant new design. It offers optima HD voice quality and up to 29 one-touch DSS keys for an extended page view. Gigabit Ethernet-enabled on a 7″ color touch screen.

  • Yealink W60B

Phone service USA gives you the choice of going wireless with the Yealink W60B. It can be used for intercom, transfer, call-forward, and supports 3-way conferencing. You can connect up to 8 cordless handsets with 30 hours of talk time. It comes with a 2.4″ color display and an intuitive user interface.

  • Yealink W56H

This DECT handset should be paired with the Yealink W60B or Yealink W56P for use. This cordless handset comes with a 2.4″ color display with an intuitive user interface and energy-saving ECO features.

  • Yealink EXP40

The Yealink EXP40 is an expansion module for the Yealink SIP-T48 and SIP-T46. It comes with two pages of 20 programmable buttons for various features like speed dialing, pickup, BLF, and more.

Some other models which may be needed for connection and expansion are-

Yealink WF40, Yealink BT40, Yealink YHS32, and Yealink EHS36.


  • FREE phones
  • NO EXTRA COST for Auto-Attendants and call groups.
  • FREE professional sounding recordings
  • BEST IP phone system for small businesses

For more details and inquiries, you can log onto or email them at [email protected]. They guarantee to provide you with their best service right away at 844-426-3322, 720-826-5700 or 702-505-4280