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Here Is Everything You Need To Know About VoIP Phone Service

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a fast-developing technology that is being adopted widely by companies worldwide.  With improving internet speeds and capacities and development of the latest technologies businesses are shifting from traditional phone systems and switching to a VoIP system. This VoIP system was originally launched in 1995 and has ever since changed the way we communicate.

How it works

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

A VoIP system is based on technology where phone calls are made through your internet connection instead of a regular landline or a mobile network. So as long as you have a high-speed internet connection including a router and a modem, you are ready to use VoIP service.

VoIP converts analog voice into a digital signal, compresses it and then sends it across the internet. At the receiving end, the digital data is then uncompressed and transformed into the sound that you get to hear via your handset or speakerphone. In this process, an IP address is assigned so that calls can be made from your network. In order to call someone using VoIP technology, all you need is a SIP-compatible desk phone or a VoIP calling app.

A VoIP system works much better than any traditional landline phone as it offers a lot of features compared to analog phone service. Unlike landline phones, through this system, you can make high-definition (HD) calls.

The list of benefits

Security of the VoIP System

  • VoIP combines seamlessly with the Unified Communication (UC) systems –

    If you are planning to implement a UC system into your business, VoIP fits in really well with this system. This is because the UC and the VoIP system both rely on network connectivity and management and both use similar communication features like call management, instant messaging, video calling, conferencing and mobility.

  • Scalability –

    When your business requires expansion, you need not worry about installing additional hardware as VoIP service expansion is a very simple process that involves the installation of just a certified phone with plug-and-play adaptability. At the most, it may require tweaking a few settings. VoIP allows adding or removing any number of phones and extensions to accordingly suit your business’s needs.

  • Mobility –

    VoIP is a perfect solution for people who need to work away from the regular office setup. Many service providers offer dedicated VoIP apps for sending and receiving calls from any remote locations through an internet connection and mobile devices. The app here serves as a standalone extension.

The best part of this VoIP system is even if you are away from the phone, the voicemail and instant messaging are converted into text messaging or emails and sent to any other specified device.

  • Low cost –

    VoIP systems are just much cheaper than traditional phone systems. You don’t need to invest much in the hardware, as in most cases the service provider offers a package that includes the phone set. There is no extra cost involved for managing remote employees as the voice and data are being sent through the internet and there is no long-distance fee that needs to be charged. Most VoIP services offer free calls to co-workers based in any location. Its monthly subscription is also very low.

  • Security –

    When we talk about the security of the VoIP system it practically is in the hands of the user. Most VoIP services don’t come with any separate internal security to protect cybercriminals. For this, you need to invest in robust firewall protection for your network and educate your employees regarding cyber scams and malware attacks. You can also consider VPN and encryption options. Overall we can say that VoIP is as secure as the traditional telephone service.

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